Working method and agreements

How we work? Informal, fast and knowledgeable. We only handle issues that we have a deep understanding of and excel in. This gives us the experience to get to the heart of the matter quickly and to oversee the process.

Working method

We combine our specialisms with a thorough knowledge of the sectors and expertise areas in which we operate. This provides confidence in the approach to your issue. We are also pragmatic and creative. Anything that is not of added value is left behind. We think in terms of possibilities and look for and find creative and innovative solutions. We are independent and challenge ideas and beliefs, where necessary. We maintain constant contact, communicate clearly and share our knowledge with you actively. You are welcome at our knowledge meetings, but we also enjoy sparring about practical matters. We offer price transparency and lay out strategy and process in a plan of action so that you know where you stand. You can also consult your file online. In short, we are accessible specialists, for when it counts.


We are as clear as possible in what we do and what the costs are. At the start of our work, you may expect a realistic cost estimate. In many cases, we can also agree on a price. Ask about the possibilities. During and after our work, the costs remain transparent. You will receive a detailed invoice indicating our work and its related fees. In addition, you can access a complete overview of your case via your digital file.