Diederick van Dalen

Diederick van Dalen

Partner & Lawyer

Diederick van Dalen

Diederick van Dalen is an associate partner at De Advocaten van Van Riet. Diederick specialises in corporate law and bankruptcy law. He joined De Advocaten van Van Riet in 2009. He is regularly appointed as a trustee in bankruptcy cases. In addition, he has a great deal of litigation experience and advises clients on contracts and corporate-law issues. Diederick has a sharp eye for pragmatic and efficient solutions. Diederick successfully completed the specialised Insolvency Law course at the Grotius Academy. In 2018, he successfully completed the specialised ‘Financial Economics for Insolvency Lawyers’ given by Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Other activities

  • Full-fledged member of the INSOLAD specialisation association

  • Lecturer in Restructuring and Insolvency Law

  • Member of the editorial staff of INS Updates for Insolvency Law (Insolventierecht)