Restructuring and insolvency

Bankruptcies and suspensions of payment

We specialise in insolvency law.  Each of our insolvency specialists are members of INSOLAD and some of them of Insol Europe and they have all successfully completed the INSOLAD/Grotius Specialisation Course. In doing so, we have built up a solid reputation over the past 30 years. We perform our tasks competently, efficiently and professionally. As bankruptcy trustee, we are guided not only by the interests of the estate and the creditors. We are also concerned with additional aspects, such as safeguarding jobs.

A bankruptcy trustee must act quickly. Immediately after the appointment, important matters must be decided. Will the company be continued, will there be a relaunch or an asset deal? Creditors, banks, suppliers, landlords and the tax authorities all have opposing wishes and requirements. Everyone wants their interests to be best served. We take the lead in consultations with all those involved. After all, we know this playing field like no other.

We are also happy to use our knowledge and experience as bankruptcy trustee in the early stages of the process, so that insolvency can potentially be avoided. You will find interesting documents – published by us – on insolvency law within our knowledge portal.

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