CSR & Knowledge Sharing

We are constantly in touch with our surroundings, including through corporate social responsibility and active knowledge sharing.


We are convinced that only by being involved with our environment can we be of value to it. This is not only the case in our files, but also beyond them. We hold numerous unpaid positions as directors, supervisors and advisors for foundations and other NPOs. There are so many of them that we have even set up a register. We are also a Friend of the Utrechts Landschap Foundation and we also support a number of other charities. We have also established a clear sustainability ambition.

Knowledge Sharing

We are happy to share the know-how we develop with you on our knowledge page. There you will find virtutually hundreds of publications on new case law and current laws and regulations. In addition, we regularly organise knowledge meetings, teach at professional training courses and act as guest speakers at seminars and congresses. By sharing our knowledge with you, we strive to ensure that you are well informed so that you are more likely to notice legal risks. This ensures that unnecessary problems can be avoided. In addition, we prefer to see you as our well-informed partner, who challenges us with sharp questions in order to jointly determine the optimal approach.